Paysafecard is an prepaid payment gateway offered by Paysafe Group PLC. You can purchase Paysafecard from different places that sell a variety of gift cards. When you are using Paysafecard, no one can take any more money than you already have paid to the card.

Paysafecards are sold as 10-, 25-, 50- and 100€ prepaird cards.

You can look for Paysafecard outlets from here:

We recommend you to add the whole amount of the Paysafecard as Credits to your Cloud customer account in order to maximize the use of Paysafecard credit. Of course - you can use the rest of Paysafecard credit elsewere (e.g. Steam) if you would like to!

You can find more information about purchasing Cloud Credits from here:

❕ Please note that Paysafecard has an additional fee of 15%

Some times using Paysafecard can be a bit challenging, since there will be an additional fee of 15%. This is fee that Paysafecard takes from us. Because of this - we recommed you to use other payments metods that we have added, since they're free.
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