You can upgrade your service options on the fly, i.e. in the middle of a subscription period. If you have a service that costs 10€/mo and you upgrade the service 15 days after ordering and you order an upgrade that costs 10€/mo more to your current one - you only pay € 5, as you have already used part of the month in your service. On the next invoice, you pay 20€/mo, which is the correct amount for the upgraded service. So you only pay for the time you spend.

The service is updated on our website when you log in to the customer area, go to "My Services" » "My Services" and select the service you want to update. On the Service Details page, in the left bar, under "Actions" and select "Change Options."

Select the options you need and click "Continue." Follow the instructions on the site to pay the invoice. Your service will be updated as soon as your payment is confirmed. However, if the service is not automatically confirmed, please contact customer service and we will help!

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