Startup Parameters

This article will instruct you in server parameters. You can edit settings when you navigate:
Your server » “(choose the desired server)” » Startup

All parameters listed below are customizable by the customer.

Among the parameters listed below, RCON requires a small adjustment, instructions to it here:

You get to set up your own website on the server or set up the player count yourself!

ParameterDescriptionDefault value
Server nameServer name on public server listA Rust Server
OxideModDo you want to enable OxideMod add-on?FALSE
World typeIf desired, you can explore other world types at your own risk. Standard value recommended.Procedural Map
Server DescriptionDescription of server under server name. Usually contains information about the server or rules.Powered by
WebsiteLink to server website. Redirects user to the page when player clicks “Visit Website” inside the game
World SizeDefine the size of the world you generate. Possible values from 1000 to 6000.3000
World SeedSeed for map generation.1
Server iconServer header iconLink to image
RCON PasswordRCON password enabled for connectionHidden!
Auto-saveDefine server auto-save interval600
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