Installing mods
This article will instruct you how to install server mods. You can find the destination folder in Gamepanel when you navigate:

Your server » “(choose the desired server)” » File manager » oxide » plugins

If you don't have Oxidemod add-on on your server, check out how to install it here:

Some of the add-ons require permissions to be given. Check out here how to add permissions to users and groups:

How do I install the add-on?
Installing add-ons is simple.

Download the desired add-on. For example we use Gather Manager (below for more detailed information about how the add-on works)!

Go to destination folder in gamepanel
Your server » “(choose the desired server)” » File manager » oxide » plugins
Upload the add-on you just downloaded to the server. Check that there is no space in the filename of the add-on. This may prevent the add-on from working.

After uploading the add-on, the add-on should start instantly without reload. If the add-on does not work, please check the add-on pages for permissions and add-ons required! Also check the space mentioned previously! You can also restart the server.

Useful add-ons
Gather Manager

Gather Manager is an add-on that can influence the resources available through the player's accumulation. Commands are executed in the gamepanel.

gather.rate dispenser Wood 10 - Let players gather wood 10-fold!
gather.rate dispenser Stones 5 - Let players gather rock 5-fold!
gather.rate dispenser Cloth 10 - Let players gather cloth 10-fold!
gather.rate pickup Stones 10 - Let players pickup ground rocks 10-fold!
gather.rate quarry stones 20 - Let players mine stones 20-fold!
gather.rate survey “Sulfur Ore” 5 - Let players collect sulfur when surveying the terrain (Survey charge) 5-fold!
gather.rate dispenser wood 2 & gather.rate dispenser * 10 - Let players gather wood 2-fold as well as everything else 10-fold!


NTeleportation is an add-on that allows the player to teleport to other players or to their home. Below the most common commands

/home, /sethome, /removehome - nteleportation.home - Teleporting home
/tpr, /tpa, /tpc - nteleportation.tpr - Teleportation request to another player (/tpr), Accepting a request (/tpa), Refusal to request (/tpc)
/tpb - nteleportation.tpb - Teleporting to preceding location
/tp - - Teleporting to another player
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