Enabling RCON

As standard, servers do not have an RCON connection enabled, as the server is installed with only one port. If there is no need for an RCON connection, it is not worth turning it on.

- RCON login attacks without RCON connection to the server are useless.
- From the Gamepanel console, you can execute all commands you would use via RCON connection.
- You can create subusers in Gamepanel to whom you can give permission to use console, then the risks of RCON password leakage are reduced.

- Some third-party software may need an RCON connection.

How do I enable RCON?

To begin with, you need to go to Gamepanel and head to your own server and select the “Network” tab,

Your server » “(choose the desired server)” » Network

On the Network tab, you should click on “Create allocation”, here you will get a port for the RCON connection.

Head to the “Startup” tab and specify “RCON PORT” from there

Your server » “(choose the desired server)” » Startup » RCON PORT
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