We're sorry to hear that you are considering to cancel your service. We of course understand if you'd like to cancel your subscription, since everything does not always go as planned or life situation just changes.

We would like to have an notice about the cancellation - as it eases our job. We do not usually send our invoices to debt collection when wervices are paid on pre-term basis, but if you pay your services after using them, we do send the invoices to debt collections (usually only businesses).

Keep in mind that you do have to cancel your PayPal subscription manually if you have created automatic payment profile. This usually works through our client area by clicking "Cancel" button on service details page, but we recommend to check the subscription status from PayPal as well (since it have not always been working as expected).

If you would like to cancel your service immediately and receive refund from the remaining time of the service, please remember to ask this in cancellation request form. When you select immediately cancellation method, the service is immediately cancelled and deleted from our servers - and it is not possible to restore any files.
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