When you purchase Cloud Credits with 20 EUR, you get 20 credits to your account. Cloud Credits are automatically used when you receive new invoices.

When you use Paysafecard as the payment gateway - it is easier to buy Cloud Credits and then pay services with them, because Paysafecard has 15% additional fee. It is easiest to add the full amount of the Paysafecard at once. You will find a table that has calculated all the amounts with their fees included.

To buy credits, please log in to Cloud Client Area by going to https://bittivirta.cloud/. When you have logged in, click "Invoicing" and "Buy Cloud Credits" from the upper navigation bar. Select the payment method you would like to use and the amount you would like to buy.

When you purchase Cloud Credits with Paysafecard, additional payment gateway fee of 15% is added. You can use these already calculated amounts as a template for your purchase in order to maximize the Paysafecard use. Of course, you can spend the remaining amount of the card if you would like to (e.g. Steam). You don't have to pay the fee again when you are purchasing new or renew services.

You avoid this additional fee when you use credit card, paypal or Finnish eBanking to pay your invoices.
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